Registered by National Hypnotherapy Society

Advanced Diploma Weight Control

Greta is registered by the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council, the national organisation for complimentary health.

As a qualified and experienced energy healer, she is on the CHAC register of the College of Psychic Studies, accredited by UK Healers.

She has worked in healing clinics in South Kensington, Bloomsbury and at the North London Hospice.

Greta is also a Reiki Master.

During her educational and theatre career Greta has undertaken various positions including
Education Consultant, Deputy Head Teacher, Acting Coach, Theatrical Agent and Producer.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Greta has gentle, safe and trusting partnerships with her clients, listening deeply to their needs and working from the heart towards their goals. SELF EMPOWERMENT influences her approach to therapy and using a range of techniques, especially her own combination therapy, creates personal programmes to meet their wishes.

We have everything we need to succeed within ourselves
– we are our own remedies


is a safe and gentle way of re-organising and re-routeing any damaging subconscious beliefs or thoughts. It can bring our behaviours, emotions or health back to the positive, clear and beneficial ways we wish. We can then move towards a happier future and reach our goals. This is a very personal therapy tailored to address the root of each concern.

Hypnosis can help you help yourself to achieve everything you want in life.


is a sensitive, confidential and safe way to help all concerns and anxieties. It can ease stress, recover confidence and self-esteem, give us clarity and peace of mind so we find ways to happily move forward in our lives. It is an integral part of hypnotherapy but is also an important therapy in its own right.

Good counselling is not only helpful – it can be life changing.


is a restful method of channelling gentle energy around the body, releasing trapped energetic blockages – the root of distress and illness. The body can then begin to heal itself. Natural energies may then flow freely, achieving harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit for maximum wellness. Healing is always given from the heart.

A special experience …healing gives a wonderful sense of peace, wellbeing and wholeness.

Combination Therapy

Hypnotherapy Counselling and Healing

Offered together in an individually designed programme.

Powerful and effective – intensifying the benefits of all three.

Healing from all directions - from mind, heart and spirit