Can Hypnotherapy help me? - Yes.

Confidence, Anxiety, Stress, Weight, Bad Habits, Pain, Depression, Addictions, Relationships, Phobias …are just a few of the concerns which Hypnotherapy is known to help. In fact any issue or problem – emotions or psychical can usually be helped by hypnotherapy. It is perfectly safe, confidential and individually designed.

You’ll just be helped to relax deeply, so negative thoughts which control your behaviours, health or emotions are able to be changed, and you can then easily reach your goals. 

Counselling is an important part of the session – discovering more about your concerns to make the hypnotherapy most effective and gently supporting you through the process towards a happier future. 

HYPNOTHERAPY is becoming widely accepted and is now recommended by the NHS.

It has been used for centuries – by people including Churchill, Einstein, Jackie Kennedy, Conan Doyle and Tennyson. 
It was even used by Mozart. Audio hypnosis is now starting on some Virgin flights.

Can Counselling help me? - Yes.

It can help everyone with concerns and problems. We all have times when we feel anxious or stressed – or have a more serious worry or crisis in our lives. Gentle, trusted, confidential help and support from a qualified professional will ease our distress and help us to find clear ways forward, lead us back to confidence and feeling in control so we may find ultimate peace and happiness.

Can Healing help me? - Yes.

It can help anyone. Science has now measured and photographed healing energies which have been called many things, including ‘chi’ ‘ki’ and ‘spirit’. Healing is a very powerful but gentle therapy given for every concern – such as physical illness or emotional problems – and it also may just boost energy or give feelings of well-being. It is not associated with religion, does not replace medical supervision- you just relax and enjoy the soothing experience.